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Candys - Ice Cherry Gum - 47mg

Candys - Ice Cherry Gum - 47mg

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Experience the refreshing and juicy taste of our Ice Cherry Gum flavour with these nicotine pouches! This snus is bursting with a sweet cherry gum flavour with cool icy notes that will transport you straight to your younger days!

This is sure to invigorate your senses with each pouch delivering a satisfying nicotine buzz without the need of smoke or tobacco. Our Ice Cherry Gum flavour by Candys is a great alternative to traditional cigarettes, and is perfect for those looking to switch to a smokeless tobacco option. 

So why wait? Try our Watermelon Candy flavoured today and conquer your cravings.

Key information: 

  • Nicotine yield of 46.9 mg/g
  • 32.8mg per pouch
  • Extreme strength
  • Experienced users  
  • Contains 20 pouches 
  • Slim packets - discrete under your lips
  • Tobacco-free, smoke-free and vapour-free nicotine 

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