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PABLO - Exclusive - Kiwi - 50mg

PABLO - Exclusive - Kiwi - 50mg

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Introducing Kiwi Nicotine Pouch from the Pablo collection– a tangy delight straight from the tropics. Dive into the refreshing flavour of ripe kiwi, delivering a burst of tropical goodness with every pouch.

Elevate your Snus experience with this exotic and invigorating fruit sensation – indulge in the irresistible Kiwi flavour today.

Key information:

  • Contains 20 pouches 
  • Recommended for experienced users 
  • Nicotine yield of 50mg/g
  • 30mg per pouch (Strength: Extremely Strong) 
  • Slim packets - discrete under your lips 
  • Tobacco-free, smoke-free, and vapour-free nicotine

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