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PABLO - Ice Cold - 30mg

PABLO - Ice Cold - 30mg

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Introducing Pablo X Ice Cold Limited Edition Nicotine Pouches – a frosty sensation like no other. Immerse yourself in the exhilarating coolness of this special edition blend, perfectly crafted for an intense and refreshing Snus experience.

Convenient, discreet, and intensely satisfying, Pablo X Ice Cold Limited Edition Nicotine Pouches offer a unique opportunity to elevate your Snus game with an icy twist. Don't miss out on this exclusive sensation – embrace the chill of Pablo X Ice Cold today.

Key information:

  • Contains 20 pouches 
  • Recommended for experienced users 
  • Nicotine yield of 30mg/g
  • 24mg per pouch (Strength: Very Strong) 
  • Slim packets - discrete under your lips 
  • Tobacco-free, smoke-free, and vapour-free nicotine

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